A Little Something About Us

We match your business objectives to our improvisation exercises and help you build strong, dynamic, effective teams.

Why Yes Unlimited? Because Yes Unlimited is all about “Yes, and” thinking. As the foundation principle in improvisation exercises, “Yes, and” is about accepting each other’s ideas, and building on them to create even more ideas, and stronger results through cooperation.

In business, areas like brainstorming, effective communication, and team building, result through an open sharing of different opinions. Greater creativity and stronger teams are the result of the “Yes, and” foundation.

Who Are You? (hoo hoo, hoo hoo)

Yes Unlimited is a result of the joint partnership between JumpB2B and The Social Capital Theatre. This team formed to deliver creativity and innovation to business, education, and government by incorporating improvisation into career life. The principal partner of JumpB2B is Tracy Shea-Porter and the SoCap partners are Carmine Lucarellli and Ralph MacLeod. The trio has worked, and collaborated, with improvisational practice spanning over two decades and is connected to the comedy community, and its members, intrinsically. Our improviser/facilitators are trained professionals with years of experience providing customized sessions to clients such as: A.T. Kearney, Google Canada, Shopify, The Ontario Bar Association and The University of Toronto.

Tracy Shea-Porter - co-founder, CEO and is mesmerized by butterflies

Tracy Shea-Porter is an entrepreneur, coach, trainer, speaker, and improviser. She is the founder of Jump B2B helping businesses grow through effective marketing and sales programs, and also the co-founder of Yes, Unlimited, delivering improvisation workshops that are designed to support business objectives like team building, confidence, creativity, and “thinking on your feet.” Recent clients include Google, CHANEL, the University of Toronto, Shopify, and A. T. Kearney. Tracy is also a mentor with Canadian Women in Communications and Technology, and the University of Toronto’s Next Steps program.

Ralph MacLeod - co-founder and pun afficionado

Ralph MacLeod is a co-founder of The Social Capital Theatre and of Yes, Unlimited. He has worked as a professional comedian and improv teacher for over 25 years. As an educator, Ralph is widely regarded as one of the country's leading experts in the field of improvisation. He not only trains next generations of comedians but has brought improv techniques to dozens of businesses including Bell, Xerox, The University of Toronto, The National Advertiser Benevolent Society and more.

Carmine Lucarelli - co-founder and escape room ace

Carmine Lucarelli is an actor, voice-over artist and computer programmer. He has been studying, performing and teaching improvisation and acting from the beginning of the century. He has performed in Canadian Comedy Award-winning shows, avant-garde independent theatre and was a mainstage understudy with The Second City. His journey eventually led him to co-found both The Social Capital Theatre and Yes, Unlimited. He helps hundreds of producers every year in realizing their dreams of seeing their visions come alive on the stage.